Data and privacy

The collection of analytics and data can be configured on this page.

Data and privacy

Your privacy is valued and respected.

Analytics data and its use

Analytics data is used only to collect information about site traffic and the software and hardware that is used to visit this website. Occasionally it may also be used to identify which elements on the page users interact with most and which pages are viewed the most frequently.

This helps me to improve the website and learn more about how my visitors are accessing the website, in order to make using this website a better experience for you.

Analytics data is never used to identify you or your location.

Cookies and file storage

This website stores one cookie on your device – the cookie that determines if the user has consented to the collection of analytics data. No other cookies are saved onto your device from this website.

To improve loading speeds, this website will cache content such as images and videos to your computer. ‘Caching’ is the act of downloading content from the internet to save you downloading it from the website each time you visit it. To prevent this, please alter your cache settings in your web browser settings. Note: this website (and others) will likely load slower.

Change your cookies and analytics settings

Please use the buttons below to enable or disable analytics collection.

Data-saving options

This website will deliver many of its images in WebP or SVG format to improve loading times and reduce the amount of data downloaded. Where WebP images cannot be displayed, alternative JPEG or PNG images will be displayed.

Videos are small and mobile-friendly. Please note that if you have data saving options enabled in your mobile web browser, videos may not download or may not be shown or played automatically.


This website has been constructed using ARIA HTML components and landmarks and screen reader-friendly elements. Colour contrast is generally very good, as assessed by Google Lighthouse auditing and WebAIM’s colour contrast checking.

Latest work

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Accessibile Mobile e-Commerce Site

A shocking 98% of the top one million home pages on the internet fail to meet accessibility standards. Mobile use by the blind is also very low. How can this be improved?

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Fosters Solicitors LLP needed an exciting, engaging and interactive web-based presentation about celebrating and improving company culture to present to the board of the firm.

Broads Authority Web App

How can you encourage families in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft to visit The Broads using technology? Much of my time in Year 2 at university was spent on this live client brief that rendered interesting results.