User Experience and coding projects | User research, visual design, coding | Websites, chatbots, phone apps


My portfolio is varied. In and outside of my university course, I have completed User Experience Design and coding projects for a range of applications and for a range of clients.

My projects feature many of the steps of the User Experience Design process, however some are more focused towards certain areas of the process.

Accessibility Projects

Projects designed for the visually-impaired to improve their daily living.

Helping The Visually-Impaired Read

'Expensive, difficult to use and incompatible with some platforms'. This is what visually-impaired users said about using technology to read. How can this be improved?

Accessibile Mobile e-Commerce Site

A shocking 98% of the top one million home pages on the internet fail to meet accessibility standards. Mobile use by the blind is also very low. How can this be improved?

Research Projects

Projects with a strong emphasis on research.

User Story Website Prototype

I was asked by The User Story to spend several months in late 2018 and early 2019 redesigning their website. This is how I prototyped a website for a UX consultant.

Stellardrive Car Infotainment System

Infotainment systems are standard even on entry-level cars these days, so why are they still frustrating to use, slow to operate and poorly rated? What would be better?

Visual Design Projects

Projects featuring an emphasis on visual design.

Fosters Solicitors LLP Web Presentation

Fosters Solicitors LLP needed an exciting, engaging and interactive web-based presentation about celebrating and improving company culture to present to the board of the firm.

Redgate Database UI Project

As part of my application process for an internship, Redgate tasked me with designing a new interface for a database, based on user research that they provided for me. This is what I came up with.

Nellie's Nursery Website Prototype

From a hastily-made Wix website to a fully functioning prototype of how a nursery site could look and feel - based entirely on formative user research, research into existing conventions and customer needs.

Development and New Tech

Projects that run on emerging technology.

Broads Authority Web App

How can you encourage families in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft to visit The Broads using technology? Much of my time in Year 2 at university was spent on this live client brief that rendered interesting results.

Cura-T Facebook Chatbot

How do you make finding cancer clinical trials easier? Whilst interning at Earthware, I worked closely with Cancer Research UK to develop a Facebook Messenger chatbot to do just that.

Helpdesk Windows 10 Universal App

My final piece for A level Computer Science was a helpdesk app which runs on Windows 10. The app allowed users of Wymondham High Academy to report IT issues from their Windows 10 device.

University-Related Websites

Websites I have produced for university-related purposes.

Storehouse Magazine Website

One of the only independent student magazines in the UK, 'The Storehouse Story' includes managing a team to produce the magazine, several websites and other digital tools along the way - as well as a lot of collaboration!

Pendragon logo.

My Portfolio Website

From a basic site made in Muse to a custom-coded website showcasing my work, my portfolio has been built on feedback from the industry and is always changing to suit the needs of today.

Client Websites

Websites I have produced for clients.

Bidwell Joinery Website

A customer of mine for over 5 years, Phil Bidwell (founder of Bidwell Joinery) is a Norwich-based carpenter and joiner. Over the past 5 years I’ve created several websites for them, the latest of which was launched in August 2019. It’s a single page, SEO friendly, accessibility friendly website that showcases Phil’s work in a small but stylish and functional website.

Image of the Bidwell Joinery website. It is mostly orange and black themed with text in white boxes on top of a background image of wooden planks.

NB Aurora Website

NB Aurora is a narrowboat, owned by BCBM boats who build and sell narrowboats for part-share ownership. Shareholders of these boats have the boat to use for a few weeks per year, depending on the value of their share. This website was built and launched by me in June 2018 to encourage potential customers to purchase a share in NB Aurora. The website showcases the boat and provides information about it in a small, stylish and functional website.

Image of the NB Aurora website. It features large images of the narrowboat, white text on a dark green background and circular menu buttons in the upper right of the website.


Photography is an interest of mine. I shoot a variety of subjects

Stained glass windows in the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.

Architecture Photography

Cathedrals, skyscrapers, cityscapes bridges and historic buildings. A wide angle lens and a stunning piece of design made a great conbination.

F-18 Hornet fighter jet in blue skies with both jet engines with fire coming out of them climbing steeply.

Aviation Photography

Photographing fast jets requires anticipation, a long focal length and a fast shutter speed - and a love for noise and awesome aerobatics!

Waterfalls inside a cave illuminated with blue, purple and orange lights. Long exposure - water looks blurry.

Landscape Photography

Beautiful scenes, impressive waterfalls, mesmerising lakes and stunning sunsets. Capturing the beauty of nature.

Tiger facing the camera sat on top of a wooden frame with trees behind.

Wildlife Photography

Animals in all of their beauty. From insects to birds of prey to big cats, animals always make amazing photographs.