Photography Themes

Stained glass windows in the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.

Architecture Photography

Cathedrals, skyscrapers, cityscapes bridges and historic buildings. A wide angle lens and a stunning piece of design made a great conbination.

F-18 Hornet fighter jet in blue skies with both jet engines with fire coming out of them climbing steeply.

Aviation Photography

Photographing fast jets requires anticipation, a long focal length and a fast shutter speed - and a love for noise and awesome aerobatics!

Bright pink daisy flowers surrounded by green leaves.

Film Photography

Fuji Velvia, Kodak Ektar, Kodak Portra and Fuji Superia - all 35mm films that I love to use for a purer photography experience.

Waterfalls inside a cave illuminated with blue, purple and orange lights. Long exposure - water looks blurry.

Landscape Photography

Beautiful scenes, impressive waterfalls, mesmerising lakes and stunning sunsets. Capturing the beauty of nature.

The Kelpies horse statues in Scotland at twilight. Blue sky, horses illuminated red and reflecting in the water in front.

Night Photography

Beauty of the night - the world is a prettier place when the lights shine and the fireworks glow.

Black and white image of a baby boy cimbing onto his father's face.

Portrait Photography

Event photography is what I did the most for clients and portraits are an area of photography that I also did.

Woman dressed in smart clothing walking down a busy city street.

Street Photography

Capturing everyday life and what people do, how they walk, where they go and how they live.

Tiger facing the camera sat on top of a wooden frame with trees behind.

Wildlife Photography

Animals in all of their beauty. From insects to birds of prey to big cats, animals always make amazing photographs.

About my photography

I’ve felt that I’ve had a photographic eye for a long time, initially being interested in film-making and video editing when I was as young as 10 years old. I bought my first digital camera when I was 11 and even at this age I was looking for unusual aspects and good composition. This interest quickly expanded to photo manipulation using Photoshop and learning the other aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite. I got my first D-SLR (a Nikon D3200) aged 15 which was the camera that took my passion to new heights.

Today, I own my dream camera (the Nikon D500) and enjoy shooting a range of subjects with it. In addition to digital photography I also enjoy shooting film. Fuji Velvia is my favourite E-6 film and Kodak Ektar my favourite C-41 film.

My photography has mainly been a hobby for myself, however I have done some paid work for local businesses such as Foster's Solicitors and I also did a lot of photography for Wymondham High Academy between September 2014 and July 2017. I photographed several proms, candid student photos, site photos and sports days for them.

Me holding a Nikon camera on a windy and cold-looking beach, wearing lots of layers!

Latest work

Have a look at some of my latest work!

Helping The Visually-Impaired Read

'Expensive, difficult to use and incompatible with some platforms'. This is what visually-impaired users said about using technology to read. How can this be improved?

Accessibile Mobile e-Commerce Site

A shocking 98% of the top one million home pages on the internet fail to meet accessibility standards. Mobile use by the blind is also very low. How can this be improved?

Fosters Solicitors LLP Web Presentation

Fosters Solicitors LLP needed an exciting, engaging and interactive web-based presentation about celebrating and improving company culture to present to the board of the firm.

Broads Authority Web App

How can you encourage families in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft to visit The Broads using technology? Much of my time in Year 2 at university was spent on this live client brief that rendered interesting results.