Hello! I'm Jason Brown

As a UX Designer, I take user research and data and turn it into digital services and products that people enjoy using.

As part of my degree course I've designed car infotainment systems, a responsive nursery website for a client and an app to encourage people to visit the Broads for the Broads Authority.

I interned at Earthware and The User Story in UX roles in 2018 and am Head of Storehouse Magazine, the official magazine of the NUA Students' Union. Previously worked in education with Microsoft Education UK links and spoke at TEDx Norwich Education about technology in education.

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Work experience

Organisations I have worked for or closely with.

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What is User Experience Design?

‘UX’ is a buzzword that is thrown about by a lot of people these days. What does it actually mean though?

User experience design is about so much more than creating user interfaces that provide easy-to-use and understandable interfaces. User experience extends more into the story of the users and focusing on who users are, as well as how they react to using computer hardware and software, to create a solution to a problem that works for its users. The easiest way to describe user experience is to look at the user experience design journey.

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The UX Design ProcessUSERView PortfolioThe user is at the centre of the design process. The solution is produced for them.DISCOVERDEFINE?What is this going to solve? Who is it for? How much is it going to cost?DEVELOPDELIVEREVOLVE
The UX Process (Mobile)DISCOVERDEFINE?What is this going to solve? Who is it for? How much is it going to cost?DEVELOPDELIVEREVOLVEUSERThe user is at the centre of the design process. Solutions are made for them.View Portfolio

Latest work

The latest work from my portfolio.

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Accessibile Mobile e-Commerce Site

A shocking 98% of the top one million home pages on the internet fail to meet accessibility standards. Mobile use by the blind is also very low. How can this be improved?

Broads Authority Web App

How can you encourage families to visit The Broads using technology? Much of my time in Year 2 at university was spent on this live client brief that rendered interesting results.

User Story Website Prototype

I was asked by The User Story to spend several months in late 2018 and early 2019 redesigning their website. This is how I prototyped a website for a UX consultant.

Cura-T Facebook Chatbot

How do you make finding cancer clinical trials easier? Whilst interning at Earthware, I worked closely with Cancer Research UK to develop a Facebook Messenger chatbot to do just that.